Friday, August 27, 2010

Heheh! :D

I know my fingers are short and chubby! So don't laugh okay! LOL
this picture is for you Daphne Ho :D
cheer up okayyy ? don't be sad dy x) Fer sayang youuu (:
went to the toilet and camwhore just now hahaha.
did stupid poses LOL.

and great! I'm out the whole day, and now i haven't shower. why am i so lazy ? LOL! and yeah! and i'm bored too D: And F.Y.I. This post is to tell you all that i've the semangat to make my blog lively! HAHA! :DDD hope this semangat feeling will last for a year. kthxbye :D




Good evening peopleee! :D
It was an exhausting yet fun day today! :D
I get to shop. Again. Hahah. Went to KLCC at 11am.
Went to pay phone bills at Maxis then went Isetan for make up shopping :D Bought a Anna Sui compact powder that i've been craving for ages! ahhaa.. finally gotcha! It's quite expensive D: well at least for me. RM166. And i got a Rouge lipstick! :D it's orangy pink! really nice and natural. (: then the rest are freebies! <3>
Went to Dome for brunch.

Had fish and chips! (:
i had a rough time deciding on what to eat
the gourmet chicken pie was so tempting but i decided to go for fish and chips at last haha :D
Brother's sandwich :D

Departed KLCC around 2? I think. Went to Ikea (:

Had early dinner there round 5pm (:

Had meatballs. It wasn't really my cup of coffee =/

I bought cute cutleries! :D and lunch boxes x)

My anna sui compact powder :D

Anna Sui's Eco-Friendly bag :D
I know the sales lady there and she gave me this bag which needs to be purchased. :D advantages! x) heheheh!
My love. Anna Sui. <3>

The lipsticks! :D

Oh! wanna own this pretty limited edition anna sui make up bag too?! :D You have to spend RM300 and above to get it :D hehe. It's really cute <3
Reached home at 6 (:
feeling happy!
guess im in a good mood today ahaha
well, i gtg now. chiaoz!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hellooo dear readers!
This post was suppose to be updated last week. But thanks to my lazyness.. I'm updating it today. Which is the 27th of august. ahahaha! a week after :D
Well, I went to the Petronas Art Gallery at KLCC last week, and it was my first time there. The arts in there didn't really inspire me because they were all too creepy and scary and terrifying. ahaha. only like.. maybe one or two pieces are nice? :D Those artist must've been living in a nightmare by drawing those arts hahaha. You guys who haven't check out that place should totally go there for a look :D

get what i mean by "didn't really inspire me?" D:
candid. ahaha! i usually hate candid pictures of myself but this is fine :D hehe

This is my step daddy :D

i've got really messy hair. ahaha :D

Dome is like where my family would go for a drink whenever we're at KLCC. without phailed! :D

These pictures that i've posted are mostly all horizontal cause my brother bought a new lens and he's like trying it out on that day. and I couldn't camwhore with that lens LOL

Say "Hi" to my creepy eyes x)

The chocolate cake isn't recommended D: isn't really that nice.

"SEEE GORRR! You've got really pretty eyes!"

Helloo ice chocolates! <3

This is my brother and my step daddy (:

so yeahh.. went shopping at KLCC the other day. Met Mei Yin and Birdy (chun choong) there. they were like accompanying doing my shoe and purse shopping with my family ahahaha.

Went dinner after KLCC with my moms side of family at Old Klang Road. Had bak kut teh. It was not bad (: The moon was quite round that day.

The lil game addict. My cousin. Sean <3>

Introducing my brother and my mom (lady gaga wanabe) :D

My uncle and my aunt. It was actually my aunts birthday dinner that night (:
hahaha.. thinking?

this is my darling popo. She's a cutie and i love her <3

Candid! :D

There's this guy who came.. He sells burberry and LV manicure sets ahaha

This cutie here is my cousin. Jessica :D
she's getting married! LOL!

My family went home at 9pm cause my maid called telling us that baby (my darling poodiee) doesn't wanna eat his food. and has been hiding under the yellow table the whole day cause he missed us sooo much. Hahah. My mom was like "OMGG. reallyyy ?! okok. we go home now" hahaha. A dog's like a human (: heheh. They've feelings :D and doesn't like to be left at home. LOL
I bought 5 heels that day. and this is one of my fav :D heheh

And this too! <3

I just realized that Camly's (some HK brand) is available in Isetan! :D

My dinner bag for jess's wedding :D
She's a cutie isn't she ? hehe <3
Bought this cute purse in Isetan too. it was on sales! only RM29.90
Fuel is finally available in Malaysia! In Isetan :D It's super cute. Go get it! :D

Bought some junk food as well (:

And a pack of cute Kleenex tissue! :D

well, that's about it :D
and stay tuned for my next post <3